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A non-denominational, nonfiction spiritual how-to trilogy

The Trinity Theory Vol.I The Human Science of Soul 
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Over time, in the stagnant, dualistic struggle of Devil/God, good/bad, and dark/light, humanity has lost something precious.  This hidden gem, The Trinity Theory, is an ancient perspective, a third way of being and a key option for living based upon the primordial Laws of Nature and their sublime foundation, the spiral.
Straight lines do not exist in nature.  Duality, with its linear, human-made concepts uses cubic systems to manage a naturally curvaceous and spiralized world, as every living being in the universe grows according to the same blueprint of a spiral.  This contradiction is the heart of the conundrum humanity faces today, made obvious by the turmoil observable in many aspects of society.
The Trinity Theory is a way to perceive the world that touches upon many vital facets of human existence.  It is a theory that teaches you to acknowledge the spiral in your world in order to work around the inflexible nature of the square systems that pervade reality.  It will allow harmony to flow into your lifestyle, enliven your world-view, and improve the quality of your life.
The Trinity Theory Vol.II Energetic Guide to Earth
Available for sale HERE 
The Trinity Theory offers a way of being.  It is a spiritual current that demonstrates one way to climb the ladder of divinity.  It is comprised of 13 chapters that begin simply, and grow outwards, upwards, and inwards, somehow finding their way back to the beginning again.  It is a wonderful cave full of gold, jewels, and gems for you to hunt.
The Trinity Theory is a system of being based upon the idea that every living thing in the Universe is a spiral.  Humans and all the creatures of the Earth are spirals, the official blueprint of nature.  You know the spiral, you live the spiral, and you are the spiral.
Society with its linear systems is not based upon the spiral.  It runs counter to the spiral because it is based upon the lifeless concept of duality which is straight and flat.  This has created much discomfort for you because it dictates a lifestyle that is far removed from your natural way of being.  The pantheon of love/hate, wrong/right and bad/good have held you under their spell for millennia now.  The Trinity Theory is here to banish that illusion and replace it with old-fashioned truth. 
The Trinity Theory Vol.III How to Catch an Angel 
Available for sale HERE
The Trinity Theory synthesizes many separate forms of spirituality into a functioning whole.  In the past, these systems have been practiced separately, and the divisions can be seen today amongst people.  Division can only ever create weakness and conflict, as is evident in the state of the world today.
The Trinity Theory knows that soul is soul, and there are no divisions within it.  Real power comes from acceptance.  This is a time when the spirit people of the world can unite, so that the power of knowledge can become available to all. 
You are an Angel.  In other words, you are an immortal human being.  You may not know it.  You may not remember it.  But, it is true.  Humans comprise one of the oldest, purest and most powerful bloodlines in the Universe.  The Trinity Theory is an energetic guide to remembering your Angelhood.  It will show you how to unfold your wings.

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